Tools in the Jupyter ecosystemΒΆ


This section provides an introduction to core tools in the Jupyter ecosystem with demonstrations of them in action in geoscience applications.

Ths section includes an introduction to:

  • JupyterLab, navigating the JupyterLab interfaces and an introduction to extensions that are useful for scientific work

  • The use and features that IPython adds for interactive computing

  • How IPython can be customized with a focus on rich displays for scientific objects

  • Using widgets to connect graphical controls such as slidebars and toggle buttons to your code

  • Managing state in your notebook and tips for communicating your work in a reproducible manner

  • Running JupyterLab on shared computational infrastructure (e.g. the cloud or High Performance Computing facilities)

  • Sharing a repository of notebooks so others can run them with Binder

  • Turning a collection of notebooks into a web-based book with Jupyter Book